To the Aid of Others


amatrice_comparisonSunday, our house was louder than normal with an eclectic roundup of friends from about every corner of our social circle. What brought us together was a call to do something meaningful for a set of villagers we’ll most likely never meet.

Although it’s fallen from the news cycle, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake nearly destroyed the entire historical center of Amatrice, the origin of Bucatini Amatriciana, the spicy pasta dish, born in the timeless Italian hill town an hour north of Rome, that shares the top spot as our pick when Amedeo and Rosy take to the stove in Montanare. None of the friends who showed up on Sunday night came to eat–though they happily took on seconds (and some thirds) as Jill and I passed out bowls of our attempt at Ame’s culinary obsession. These friends came to give. On the table near the door we had placed a bowl and asked that anyone who wished to, please share some small part of their treasure for the aid of Amatrice’s monumental task of lifting itself out of the rubble.

Just before the crowd, many of whom had kids in tow on a school night, headed for the exit, I asked everyone to gather for a group photo. After, I tried to express my appreciation by sharing the following (which I’m sure I learned from one of my parents): To share your money for the benefit of others is important. To share your money for the benefit of people your will never meet is extraordinary.

amatrice_benefitIn the coming days I will make a wire transfer to Ame and Rosy. Jill and I will also mail several handmade cards crafted by the kids, to our besties in Italy. We expect that someday soon, Ame and Rosy will take a Friday drive 90 minutes south, to the rebuilding office in Amatrice and, with the few thousand American dollars and some very heartfelt cards, our collective love will lift up a small Italian village in the process of putting itself back together.

2 thoughts on “To the Aid of Others

  1. Wonderful, so glad it went well. Although we couldn’t join you we did eat pasta al Amatriciana at a local cafe where some of the cost went to Amatrice. It was delicious but it was nothing like Amedeo’s sauce!

  2. So happy you attended in spirit. You’ve strolled these historic spots and although the buildings look strong and sturdy, we both know how fragile they really are.

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