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“Larry’s book is endearing, entertaining and makes me want to travel to Italy and engage with the people and culture that he so dearly describes. It is a very personal glimpse into the heart and mind of a humble man who strives to make a difference in people’s lives as his life’s purpose. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it. It is a light, and very enjoyable read from start to finish.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“I don’t know that I could choose a favorite chapter of this book. Each chapter is interwoven with personal details that bring the reader into the moment, making each experience feel personal, almost like you were there. Every story that Larry tells is laced with a tiny bit of self-deprecating humor that really makes reading about his adventures relatable, which endears him to the reader.”

Kellie G.

“I loved this! I could picture everything and wish I were there. I just wish it was longer!”

~ Elizabeth H.

“I met Larry and Jill when they first started coming to Italy. I loved talking to them and sharing our stories of how to get around, where to go, what to eat, what to see etc…The second time I met up with them I was thrilled to finally meet Daniela, who was just a baby then. I finished reading your book and loved every minute of it. I really do not want your story to end so you must keep coming back to Montanare!”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“Amedeo is Hurt (2008) That chapter brought out so much emotion… I felt your pain worrying about Ame it made me cry. Such a wonderful bond of friendship between you two.”

~ Nedra B.

“This book will find a place in your library next to Under the Tuscan Sun and The Reluctant Tuscan. The author captures the sights, sounds and flavors of a small village in Tuscany where they are surrounded by the love and affection of new found Italian families in the little village of Montanare. There are lessons for all of us caught in the frenetic pace of modern living. Slow down, find joy in famiglia e amici  (family and friends), food, wine and the time to savor.”

~ Robert J.

Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany unfolds like a delicious Italian banquet. Small moments, emotional stories and a powerful connection about what it means to be a human and true friend all blend together in a series of vignettes that are delicious and memorable. What strikes me the most about Snyder’s work is his love and devotion to his family and how his definition of family continues to grow every day. Highly recommended.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

Coffee Here, Coffee There This chapter embodies Larry Snyder’s message about the need for human connection in the world.”

~ Ken Lee, VP of Michael Wiese Productions

“This story was so heartwarming. Wish I could have read it before our trip to Cortona in May of 2016. It made me realize how warm and friendly everyone we met really WERE- we didn’t realize how blessed we were to meet the Italians we were exposed to. With the exception of Ivan Botanici-he was a God send!”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“I enjoyed them ALL, but especially the last chapter, when Larry and his Family were getting ready to return to the United States. The love between Larry and his Italians comrades was so endearing.”

~ Colleen R-G.

“I have only known Larry Snyder on a professional basis so his book offered me insight into who he is outside of an incredible auctioneer. Through his amazing stories I found out that Larry is the real deal—a kind, compassionate person with a heart of gold. This is the reason he is a successful fundraiser and auctioneer. Having never been to Italy, it also offered a personal glimpse into what the country, culture and people are like. It is evident that all that aside, it is Larry’s high regard for the friendships that make this place so special to him and his family. I thoroughly enjoyed the book! Thanks Larry!”

~ Debbie K.

“A fun read. Found many parallels to our move to wine and olive oil country in Northern California from the Seattle area and Larry’s story in a small village in Italy. We found the same thing that Larry and Jill did; friendship can be thicker than blood.”

~ Karla L.

“Charming, witty and fun. You will want to grab an espresso or a glass of red wine and get lost in the world of Tuscany and the people of Montanare. More than just your average book about travel, Miracles in Montanare, weaves a tale of travel, building community and making this world a better place.”

~ Melody E.

“I highly recommend reading Larry Snyder’s book, ‘Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany.’ It tells the wonderful tale of an American family’s assimilation into life in Tuscany, Italy. But more than just sharing how the author and his wife, Jill, adjust to living there, Larry beautifully captures the essence of their spiritual connection to the land and its people. His observations of cultural differences and realizations of Italy’s heart and spirit which resonate with his own bursts from its pages. Backed by a theme of life being about taking chances, sharing, and opening to new experiences, this book is textured throughout with love, friendship, and food as a catalyst to enjoying both. This is as much a story of bonded friendship between diverse cultures as it is a travel one. Get a copy! Then settle down into it. Adjust your clock to a different pace of life. Sink into the imagined smell of fresh baked bread, fennel, and garlic, feel the hot warmth of a Tuscan summer day, smile at the glow of close friends, and savor a wonderful view of the simplicity of life and generosity of spirit in Tuscany. I know I did.”

~ Catherine L.

Miracles in Montanare transports me to Italia… When I’ve needed some rest, a bit of vacation and wise words, I dive into a new chapter of Ten Years in Tuscany. Larry has done a marvelous job of bringing the scenes and characters alive for all of us to experience. He gives us a taste of this world, this village and the love that his family shares with the familia there. I can’t wait to finally visit Italy and I am sure I will be much more prepared having read this book. Larry’s open heart for others has carried him so very far and I know that it will carry him further still. Grazie, Larry, for sharing your experience! I am eternally grateful for your friendship.”

~ Alyssa G.

“I first cracked open my copy of Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany after I boarded the plane for my first trip to Italy. It was the perfect reading material to fuel my excitement on my way to experience similar small villages in Tuscany. Larry is a born storyteller and each chapter gives the reader a very descriptive peek into the lives that Larry and Jill were living. With humor and an open heart, Larry allowed me to share in the relationships developed along the way and to get a good understanding of just why those relationships were so impactful in the lives of everyone involved. This book brings Italy alive for the reader through the stories of the people, experiences and relationships portrayed in each chapter. A delightful read.”

~ Jann L.

“As soon as I heard about MIRACLES in MONTANARE, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It was worth the wait. I felt happily transported to a place I have been a few times…beloved Italia. Larry captured all that is special about this country and the people. So much heart and soul.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“My favorite is Coffee Here, Coffee There. When I was in Italy, I was very intrigued by the culture of the coffee bar. I love how Larry connected his Starbucks life with the life he has built in Tuscany. I love his gratitude and his ability to make these connections with people and I am sure many connections have been made in Starbucks at Bar Snoopy in Camucia. I loved all the chapters, but you made me pick!!”

~ Teree A.

“When I went to find my copy to write this review, the book was not where I left it – my nine year old daughter was reading it! This sums up ‘Miracles in Montanare‘ perfectly – a great book for all ages. Larry paints vivid pictures with his words and invites the reader to experience his Italian family and adventures just as he did. After a few chapters I felt as if I truly knew Ame, Rosy, Piero, Louisa and the rest of this extended family, and was along for the ride with Larry, Jill and Daniela.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“Soccer, Taxes, and Fiorentina vs. Inter Milano. There was a lot of living vicariously through Larry in this chapter – a live soccer match where anything could have happened as well as watching another match with great friends and great food. I wish I could have been at both!”

~ Drew P.

“For many years I’ve dreamed of living in some of my favorite places around the world for several months at a time so I could experience life as a local rather than a short-term tourist. ‘Miracles in Montanare,’ made it possible to understand exactly what that experience would be like in Tuscany. Larry and Jill have spent ten years traveling there, even living there for a full year, and I am in love with their experience: the friendships they’ve made (many have become like familly), the traditions and customs they’re part of, and even the small struggles (which are mostly moments of humor), have all been shared with wit and great storytelling in each chapter.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“For me the chapter ‘The Dirt Road’ speaks to what I would hope to be so lucky to experience should I ever spend an extended amount of time so far away from home. In just a few pages, the welcoming, generous spirit of Larry and Jill’s Tuscan neighbor’s, along with the landscape and life in this tiny village, came alive in my mind and in my heart.”

~ Suzette M.

Ten Years in Tuscany is a wonderful look into an incredible life crafted by Larry and Jill. I expected this to be a book on travel and was enthralled by a story of a family which built a life by immersing themselves in Tuscan culture and community.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“The chapter Extra Virgin Olive Pickers offers a vivid vision of a man escaping the heat in the shade of an olive tree, evolving to hands-on experience in the production of the oil we all love.”

~ Eric H.

“The thing we love most about Italy is the simplicity. The food, the scenery, every day life – all are simple yet incredibly profound. Larry describes his love affair with Italy in short, simple vignettes that capture the very essence of simple and profound. The warmth and friendship offered by the Italian people. The importance of food, and of soccer, and cars. ‘Miracles in Montanare‘ will have you smiling, laughing and crying, very often simultaneously. It will touch your heart and your soul, and help you to understand why Larry returns to Italy year after year.”

What was your favorite chapter and why?

“Hard choice! In the end ‘The Pavarotti of Montepulciano’ has to be my favorite because it evokes a special memory of a day we spent in Montepulciano. The day was filled with friends, food and song – just the way life in Italy is supposed to be experienced!”

~ Barbara S.

Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years In Tuscany was a gem of a book that’s hard to set aside once you start reading it. I have never been to Italy, but I could smell the scents, taste the flavors, hear the laughter and conversations through Larry Snyder’s vivid imagery and fluid wiring. THIS is a truly enjoyable book to read. I’ve lent it to my mother, but I’m looking forward to re-reading it as soon as she’s done! Thank you Larry, Jill & Daniela for taking us along on your travels! <3″

~ Arzu

“I bought the book ‘Ten Years In Tuscany‘ thinking I’d read it when I’m done with another book I had already started. However, I started reading the first chapter and then before I knew it I’m almost done reading the book. I’ve enjoyed the style of writing which is like sitting down with a family member or close friend and they’re sharing their experiences with me. I’ve seen the touristy side of Italy; however, I haven’t seen small towns or gotten to know the people. I love all the people in the book and how their personalities and situations make you feel like you are right there with them. It is a very enjoyable book to read. I’m looking forward to finishing the book and re-reading it again in the future. Thanks for a great read Larry. Happy Travels.

It’s hard to pick a favorite chapter. If I had to choose, I’d say the chapter called ‘Extra Virgin Olive Pickers’. It’s fun to hear of something someone would like to do some day and their enjoyment in finally getting to do it. Also, learning more about olives and olive oil was really interesting.”

~ Lillian E.