Amatrice: a Spicy, Special Spot

Photo: Le Celle, Italy. Photographed by Larry Snyder.

Some of you may not know it, but I get up really early.

When my phone alarm rings at 3:30AM three days a weeks, it means I’m going to join three fellow Starbucks Partners at Civica Office Commons at 5AM sharp. My hours preparing espressos and connecting with community keep Italy alive in my mind, the skill sets I have learned to apply at Starbucks originated in that country

This week my connection to Italy is even more heartfelt as we watch the tragedy unfolding in one of our favorite places.

Amatrice, the picturesque hill village that brought the world Bucattini Amatriciana, a spicy and hearty pasta dish began to shake at 3:30AM a week ago and did so for 15 minutes with plenty of aftershocks. This isn’t the first major earthquake to occur in the hills 90 minutes north of Rome but it is, by far, the worst. We’ve watched as the loss of life has climbed to 300 in this delicate post of just over 2000 residents.

Through this tragedy, though, I have witnessed something familiar in the spirit of Italians, even from this distance. It’s easy for them to act in unison. They do it every day, in nearly every village, in nearly every corner of Italy. Coming together was the first lesson we learned in Montanare more than a dozen years ago. Today, we stand in love, spirit, and hopeful optimism that Amatrice and the areas near will heal those injured, celebrate those who perished, and fortify once more.

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  1. Prayers continue to pour out to these blessed people of Italy. For the 300 who have perished, we pray for their souls to be reunited with God. For those injured, we pray for complete healing and for those trying to rebuild their surroundings, we pray for strength and perserverance.

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