Music Is the “Key” to Everything

Bellevue_Choir_2In the past 72 hours, I’ve enjoyed two concerts that both had over 100 musicians on stage. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on earth incredibly inspired by live music. It’s always been that way. Perhaps it is my unmet lifetime desire to touch the keys like Bob James or handle the violin in the spirit of Joshua Bell. I’ve spent the last few years saying yes to ticket prices that mimic a car payment so I can be in the company of performers that may never visit Seattle again. Tuesday night, with Jill and her besties in tow, we found our seats in Key Arena with great anticipation. This was a bucket list performer who represents much more than music for me. An entire concert symphony and 80 voices took their places. The conductor escorted the guest of honor to his pre-destined spot and raised his baton. Myself and 20 thousand lovers of Italian superstar Andrea Bocelli rose and gave him a welcome we hoped would make him feel the love. It worked. I have few words that could possibly convey the level of inspiration his performance imparted to me. In contrast, today Jill and I sat in a warm church for the final concert of Daniela’s season with Bellevue Girl Choir. With no less preparation, 110 girls and a dozen young men, all clad in formal wear, stood tall, delivered their best, and the audience made up of collective DNA stood and recognized them like superstars. This week of musical enthusiasm has made me realize something important: Creative energy is out there for the taking. I’m adding a healthy dose of this power to my upcoming week.

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