What I Need to Succeed, I Already Have

WineglassLast night I sat with a filmmaker to my left, an accomplished painter with a panache for everything French to my right, and straight ahead, a mom/wife who has gained hero status keeping a family together through her husband’s catastrophic illness. If these were people I’d just met, this would have been an interesting conversation. It turns out, I’ve known this trio for nearly two thirds of my life. Pre-dinner found us two guys bouncing ideas off each other in the living room with the Puget Sound in the foreground. Supermom called us to dinner but we had this giant creative cloud floating above us. We could not stop. From the kitchen, an inquiry came about the oven timer beeping. My Italian chicken dish was ready but leaving my seat would break this tidal wave of collaboration in front of me. As we broke bread, the painter, the movie guy and hero mom started a conversation that bled new energy and possibilities. Normally being the one driving the conversation, I decided to play catcher and take it all in. Sometimes we eat to satisfy our hunger. Last night, I left that sacred table with a reminder that creatives re-invigorate the notion that everything I need to self-actualize is living within the eight inches between my ears. Starting today, I’m going to use that sense more.

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