Dividere–To Share

IMG_0139Dividere–“to share”–is the latest addition to the dictionary of Larriano. It’s a meaningful word that represents much of why I’m on this earth and very much describes my experiences of the previous 60 days. Friendships (new and well-established) have opened hearts, homes, and nations to such a rich level my soulful cup flows well beyond its rim. When Ivan and Victoria said they would take the lead on planning, promoting, and evangelizing a Miracles in Montanare book release event in Cortona (Italia) I was gratified beyond measure. Pulling off a well-attended book event in a foreign land took a significant dose of dividere on their part. The book signing at Ivan’s Il Pozzo Galleria that followed was only made possible because Ivan was willing to share his passion for Montanare with his clientele. Being able to dividere this entire experience with publisher Ethan Yarbrough was a most unique opportunity during his first voyage to the old country. Using the local tongue, Ethan was able to dividere his new found passion for a set of characters (many in attendance) that he’s helped craft the story of. Our time together (including 48 hours in Rome) created more brotherhood and brought countless chances to talk about our combined endeavor with travelers from nearly everywhere. Although we left Leonardo Di Vinci Airport for different destinations, our mental luggage was beyond the legal limit, another set of enthusiastic experiences shared between us.

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  1. Wouldn’t our world be a better place if we all put dividere on a list of top ten things to put into practice? Family, friends, church, God works in mysterious ways to jumpstart this marvelous new word in our English vocabulary. Thanks, Larry.

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