Ultima Giorni in Montanare

Larry Snyder - Travel in Montanare, Italy

The mood seems to change every year at this time. “Ultima Giorni” Rosy reminds us from the back seat as we exit the Outlet Mall. This shift isn’t foreign to me but it is my least favorite part of  preparing to exit the spot which is responsible for much of who I am and will always will be. Every friend here (dear and not so) knows our departure is near. Each greets and sends us away us with a little more length in our embrace. Hugging is a “value add” many have come to expect from us. Several found it unusual at first thinking the customary peck on the cheek was a sufficient sign that we are special friends. The “American Hug” is starting to catch on here. Last night as Laura and I prepared to say our goodbyes, she didn’t hesitate to go right for the hug. I accepted the same from her mom Rosy. To say we love this special set would woefully understate our feelings. This tribe has given us permission to live, think, become, and dance with a piece of our soul we simply did not realize existed before we met, a dozen years back. As I dig the hard sided luggage from beneath the spot which has recharged me night after unforgettable night, I simply cannot express my unending appreciation and gratitude for these people, this land, these memories and most importantly, the lessons which I will pack in my mental luggage. Each of those unique experiences will keep me going until we stand on the terra bellisima again.

Grazie Montanare. You really are the land of miracles.
Larry, Jill, and Danielina

[ Photo: Larry Snyder – Travel in Montanare, Italy ]

2 thoughts on “Ultima Giorni in Montanare

  1. The old adage “parting is such sweet sorrow” is made evident by this last post. Thank you for your descriptive insight into this land and for these people whom you owe so much gratitude and who hold a huge part of your hearts. It will be good to welcome you “home” – to your temporary home because I can see all of you taking up permanent residence in this land of enchantment (as we say) down the road.

  2. Thank you Jan. Although I love the idea of living in Italy, the land of the free is (and always) will be my home. Italy is our re-charge and the place that imparts the lessons which make us better people on our native soil. In the morning, I depart for a new chapter of which I expect will add yet another layer of gratitude for that comfortable residence in Redmond. On to Sierra Leone (West Africa)

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