Vaticano Natale – Christmas at the Vatican


Recounting the emotions and tangible spirit I felt standing in Saint Peter’s Square on Christmas Eve 2004 while the late Pope John Paul said mass was one of my most favorite stories to include in Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany. To be present at that holy spot on that holiest of eves had been a faith-driven fantasy 10 years in the making. As Parkinson’s Disease continued it’s progression, the world knew John Paul’s days remaining were more than limited.

…Everything about this mass was beautiful and nearly surreal. Voices from the Vatican choir and the ringing of the bells filled Saint Peter’s Square. Behind Pope John Paul II, in familiar purple, assembled the Council of Cardinals. Between Biblical readings, international children dressed in native costumes presented gifts to the 84-year-old ailing pontiff.  Even though Parkinson’s had limited his ability to express himself, John Paul’s eyes glistened receiving them all…this night, here I was, finally. The cold night air of Rome, the warmth and comfort of Jill beside me sharing this moment, the collective reverence of the thousands of faithful gathered with us…filled me with joy.

Looking back, I know that being there in Rome for Christmas Eve was one of the most important nights of my life. This chapter sparked an idea to let you share Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany with clients and friends as a special business/holiday gift. Imagine a beautifully wrapped, personally autographed and dedicated book sent to your client. This would include a personal note from the you. My goal is to make this $40 opportunity as seamless as possible for you. I also aim to make it the most personal gift experience your clients and friends have ever seen.

Look for the “Send your clients to Tuscany for the Holidays” announcements coming in late August. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of this awesome summer 2016.

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