180 Days of Magic

Photo by Young Reflections Photography
Photo by Young Reflections Photography

Some 30 years ago, as I weighed a new set of options in life, my mom, Jean, made a statement that has stayed with me always. Although dementia is stealing her mind as we speak, much of what I’ve accomplished, especially in the past six months, I owe to her. She’s the first to admit our family is made of unique fabric. Coming from a set of parents who were both self-employed, it’s easy for me to say we thought highly of bootstraps and non-conventional work days and held a belief that you can make yourself into what you want to become. That day three decades back, I shared with my mom the 3×5 card on which I had typed my core life goals. She became my biggest fan as I embarked on this new path. “You will get there, you have goals,” she said then and has reminded me on a regular basis ever since.

One of those core objectives I shared with her was to be the best writer I could possibly become. May 17th 2016 was the epiphanic day for me. Having many of you—and especially my mom and dad—at the release of my first book, Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany, was a milestone set of moments for me. The 180 days that followed have been truly magic. Although the meaningful memories are many, the most important acknowledgment belongs to my mom for always reminding me of the power on that typed 3×5 card I shared with her on March 12th 1987.

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  1. Although your mom cannot relate to the world we live in today, she undoubtedly is so proud of your accomplishments as am I. She lives with each of us in our hearts and we savor family memories that have brought each of us this far.

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