Speaking of Italy

Trying to narrow down all that I love about Italy into an 18 minute talk is like me eating only one scoop of Rosy’s intoxicating tiramisu. Do I talk about the depth of these dozens of special friendships. Or would the listener love to experience every detail of a five course extravaganza we devoured al fresco? Perhaps they’d like to walk the cobblestone street of a 2000-year-old Tuscan village that specializes in world class vino rosso and salami stuffed with truffles?

Two days ago, I reentered a path after a two decade hiatus. I am a speaker, a storyteller following in the steps of the man that made my human experience possible. Turns out my father picked up this satisfying desire from his own father. Writing about my favorite land is only half of how the story will get told. The challenge here is trying to deliver an experience that has the same depth of emotional connectivity as I feel for the place and people. For me, the crafting of these spoken vignettes is a combination of authentic and meaningful experiences that live inside me every day. All of this verbal authorship comes from a spot of deep gratitude that I have had the opportunity to make these unforgettable memories.

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