Giorno Ringraziamento-Thanksgiving

Giorno Ringrazimento-Thanksgiving

It would take me nearly a day to acknowledge the dozens of special family and friends in our midst. Although there isn’t a formal holiday on the Italian calendario, I’ve unilaterally decided that May 8th is Thanksgiving Day in Italy. One of my important friendships was born on that date. On that fateful Sunday, I was learning to become a Montanarese-Contadino, Italian farmer. Ca’ D Maestro owner Piero was demonstrating tips on tying a basic trellis to grow the 50 tomato plants we’d purchased a few days prior. This “Costco” sized purchase was about eight times what a normal household would need in the tomato category. A family friend of Piero’s, Amedeo, paid a visit to my first Italian garden-in-progress.  Ame’s first curiosity was my native land. His most important question: How was I going to sell this truck load of pomodori come late August? Fifteeen years and many, many super-important memories later, my kinship and brotherhood with Ame is a daily dose of Thanksgiving.

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