Amore e Pizze

FOTO2017MaryBdayThree rectangular tables connected made a tavolo lungo, a comfortable space for 12 seats outside L’Oasi di Pizza in Pergo. This was to be the celebration of Mary’s Birthday. It was also our final opportunity to break bread (actually pizza) with remarkable friends Bill and Tina in advance of their return to Great Britain after their annual, two week Tuscan viaggo. Although our al fresco pizza feast was challenged by a passing storm, the rain held off til all had finished and the steady breeze made the evening air piu fresco, a welcome relief from the heat of the Tuscan summer day. Included in our troupe of special guests this year is publisher and trusted friend Ethan, along with his wife and two great boys. Once we’d all had much pizza and vino rosso, a question was brought forward, one shared thought Ethan keeps inside the back (protective case) of his cellular device. “What happened today that you’ll never forget?” With our shared conversation, the peaceful evening at a life pace I admire, the food and the blessings of these friendships reaffirmed in this most special place, I know my answer.

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