Secret Cucina

Ten Years in Tuscany Dinner Menu

We could easily create a popular cookbook from all the recipes Ame and Rosy have taught us in Montanare. Be it Crostini, penne al fumo, or tiramisu alla Rosy, each one allows us an immediate return to the rectangular, dark wood trestle table at Ca’ di Maestro. Stateside friends, the beneficiaries of this cooking, ask us for the recipes nearly every time we share them. So far, I’ve been able to dodge these requests as if I’m protecting some kind of valuable culinary intellectual property. At a recent Ten Years in Tuscany benefit dinner (photo) for a local foundation, I was once again asked for step-by -step instructions of Ame’s to-die-for penne al fumo. I had to come up with an amazing response to side step this request. This was all I could think of: “Unfortunately, I learned the whole technique in Italian”.

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