Anatomy of a Book-The Launch

IMG_1436Waking up yesterday morning, I grabbed my phone to kill the alarm. There was only one appointment on my calendar. In a way, this date has been there since well before mobile phones made their way into our world. It had all come down to this two hour pivot. A coming out of sorts, a chance for me to make good on a promise to myself I typed on a 3×5 card on March 12th, 1987. With everyone from my forgiving parents to Jill, Daniela, and three Italians that have completely changed the way my heart is wired, I got to share some thoughts that are a lifetime in the making. To the room full of special friends that became the first investors in this endeavor and to all those friends 9000 miles away up a one-lane road in Montanare, my gratitude and love are yours now and forever. Grazie.

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