Anatomy of a Book-The Last Mile

larry_w_booksBacking Jill’s Toyota Highlander up the loading ramp at DCG One (one of Seattle’s largest commercial printers) yesterday, I was about to take possession of 980 copies of Miracles In Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany. The nice young man brought out a shrink-wrapped pallet of boxes on a pallet jack. A little re-organizing was in order to make his “shipment” fit in my pedestrian SUV. Once I found our common appreciation for a sport that includes a stick and puck, I became less of a hassle on his late Friday afternoon. I told him I was an author and that this “shipment” was a life-changing moment for me. He said he had a recent life-changing moment upon leaving the US Military. The draw down of our Armed Forces left him, like many others, seeking a new path. It turns out two guys loading twenty boxes into a Toyota on a warm spring day in Seattle were sharing one epiphanic moment.

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