A Tuscan Book Launch!

Book Presentation to Albano, Cortona, Italy

Friends are such an important part of life, especially  when they are enthused about a shared passion. Cortonese, Ivan Botanici caught it and said yes to helping me produce a bi-lingual, Ten Years in Tuscany book launch event in Cortona. Trying to use the past three launch events a model wasn’t an option. I’m in a foreign country, 7500 miles from my resources. My biggest fear: Would anyone come? Like so many other facets of this project that have come to fruition, impassioned friends made the whole event an overwhelming success. One special women named Victoria became a regular in my email box. She has the ear of a giant ex-pat community in this zone. They answered the call. I cannot express my thanks enough for her trust in this endeavor. As the sala (room) at the world’s most important Etruscan Museum filled to capacity, my heart and soul runneth over. Dr. Albano Ricci (of the Cortona City Council) expressed his gratitude about how the words in Ten Years in Tuscany capture his own love for the people he spends his days representing. He also made it a point to recognize many of the points that we so gratefully enjoy about Montanare, most of which include people that have cared for this land over the past century. As Ethan Yarbrough (publisher) and I handed Dr. Ricci a wrapped copy of Miracles in Montanare-Ten Years in Tuscany for the city archives (which goes back to the year 525) I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for so many that had made this presentation/book signing possible. Those Cortona friends include: Ivan Botanici, Laura Busatti, Victoria Smith, Marco Del Toro, Dr. Albano Ricci, Rosetta/Amedeo Busatti, and many more.

[ Photo: Book Presentation to Albano Ricci, Cortona City Council, Italy ]

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  1. I was mesmerized from the first page, not just because this was a family member very near and dear to my heart, but because I, too, love the Italian “way”. We Americans can gain a huge perspective on how to live life by following the reading of this beautiful story of faith and family. Kudos, Larriano!!

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